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Love Means Everything

TBWA \ Chiat \ Day LA
Design Direction
Bruno Regalo
Fuze Image

A tribute to Serena Williams, Gatorade’s long-time partner, that focuses on her legacy of self-love.

A once-in-a-lifetime talent, Serena Williams was soon to evolve away from the game she had forever changed. As one of Gatorade’s longest-standing athlete partners, the brand aimed to celebrate Serena and pay homage to her impact both on and off the court in a way that befits the G.O.A.T.

Our tribute to Serena’s legacy positioned Gatorade at the heart of cultural conversations and, most importantly, ignited a powerful reminder to truly believe in and love who you are.

In this work, my role was to design the main symbol of the campaign: replacing the iconic letter 'G' in the Gatorade logo with the 'S' of Serena Williams. I took all the characteristics of the custom letter 'G' and applied them to the 'S' to ensure the design remained consistent with the branding. In addition, I was responsible for designing the print ad that Gatorade published in the traditional Vogue Magazine, one of the chosen media channels to discuss her retirement.


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