Rock is Born

Creating the true rock’n’roll umbilical cord.

For 28 years, Radioacktiva, the best rock radio in Colômbia, aims to keep rock alive from generation to generation. The first legacy that every rocker parents should give to kids is the passion for rock. For this, they received in the hospital a different t-shirt to cut equal an umbilical cord. To receive this t-shirt, the parentes should sign up for the site.

Agency: DDB Colombia
Client: Radioacktiva
Creative Director: Leo Macias


Selected works

UI/UX ‧ Art Direction ‧ Visual Design

Art direction ‧ Type development ‧ Lettering

Graphic design ‧ Art direction ‧ Illustration

Campaign ‧ Art direction ‧ Dev

Campaign ‧ Art direction ‧ Illustration

Illustration ‧ Graphic Design

Product Design ‧ Dev

Branding ‧ Type design ‧ Art Direction

Campaign ‧ Graphic Design ‧ Tee Graphics

Campaign ‧ Graphic Design

Branding ‧ Art Direction ‧ Packaging

Branding ‧ Illustration ‧ Art Direction

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