Positive Tracks

Positive Tracks, the radio show that helps fight depression.

According to studies, music can be great help in beating depression. So, how can Mundo Livre FM, an important radio station on Brazil, help with this?

I've created a formula to select positive songs, using acoustic and cognitive criteria, such as fast tempo, major tones, positive lyrics and band history.

This formula and the app select songs that show positivity ratings higher than 70%.

With its songs playlist, Mundo Livre FM launched a new show: Positive Tracks, airs everyday at 1am, when most people are by themselves, something that tends to trigger their depression.

Learn more about the project clicking here (portuguese only).

Agency: Candy Shop
Client: Mundo Livre FM
Creative Director: Bruno Regalo
Art director: Thiago Matsunaga, Bruna Serves
Copywriting: Zé Luís Schmitz


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