Fuel Tomorrow


Fuel tomorrow is about Gatorade recognizing the potential that exists in every young person. Through access to sport, they can realize the impact they make on the field, and beyond. A design approach that allows a range of emotion and execution throughout an entire year yet utilizes consistent elements for continuity.

The bolt was the consistent branding element, being at the core of Gatorade's design through the entire year. The Bolt symbolizes, in an own-able way, that we are a catalyst to help athletes maximize their potential. In 2022, we brought new energy to this iconic Gatorade element, through a variety of approaches.

Agency — TBWA \ Chiat \ Day LA
Chief creative officer — Renato Fernandez
Chief design officer — Bruno Regalo
My role — Art direction and visual design.


Selected works

UI/UX ‧ Art Direction ‧ Visual Design

Art direction ‧ Type development ‧ Lettering

Graphic design ‧ Art direction ‧ Illustration

Campaign ‧ Art direction ‧ Dev

Campaign ‧ Art direction ‧ Illustration

Illustration ‧ Graphic Design

Product Design ‧ Dev

Branding ‧ Type design ‧ Art Direction

Campaign ‧ Graphic Design ‧ Tee Graphics

Campaign ‧ Graphic Design

Branding ‧ Art Direction ‧ Packaging

Branding ‧ Illustration ‧ Art Direction

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