Pipefy Form Launcher: an easy way to embed forms and engage your visitors inside WordPress

Being a Product Designer in the Pipefy design team is awesome. We have a lot of space to contribute, share ideas, and make suggestions. With this creative mindset, the designers can always think about improvements and suggestions to make Pipefy even better, every day.

With this quarantine, I'm having a lot of time at home and I'm taking the opportunity to create new things.

There's a lot of WordPress users around there. And a lot of them use contact forms every day. And probably they're struggling out with email settings, SMTP, and all these hard stuff to get their contact forms working.

We all know the Public Forms inside Pipefy are awesome. Inside Pipefy you can structure your workflow and then make the start form public for everyone by generating a link. This form is the pipe’s front door. Its fields ask for all the information people must provide before creating a new card. This card can be one lead, an email, a customer question... basically anything.


 So I had the idea of creating a simple but powerful way to launch this form in all WordPress pages. The website visitor just clicks up the button, launches the form, fills it up, and hit the send. It will automatically create a card inside your pipe for you to continue your process.

The result of this idea is a plugin called "Pipefy Form Launcher". You can launch it right on the bottom right corner of the screen or from everywhere on the website calling a javascript function. I think you're gonna like it! So, if you want to test it, launch the form on the right corner and get in touch. 

The plugin can be found here and it will be a pleasure to see you using this on your website: wordpress.org/plugins/insert-pipefy-form-launcher

— TM

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